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Ozone Generator

Ozone Technology

   Ozone is the natural gas which produces from an oxygen gas. By man-made, we can produce
ozone by using UV-lamp or in hightension electric field is called “Corona discharge principle”.
Ozone which produces by corona discharge has more intensity over 100 times than by the
UV.-light. Normally, Ozone that produce by UV.-lamp has about 0.01-0.1% intensity (by weight.)
but we can get 1-3% in an average by corona discharge. Higher ozone concentration has more
solubility in water that makes ozonated water can work more effectively. Ozone has its own
individual smell like an after raining and more acrid when it’s higher concentration.Ozone is
a strongly oxidizing agent and be very good biocide in control all kinds of micro-organism even
in the air or in the water applications. After ozone reaction even organic or inorganic substance
it’s become to oxygen and do not have any waste remain.

How does ozone work

Direct reaction

    Ozone acts as a biocide by rupture micro-organism’s cell membrane even green
algae in cooling tower basin. In chemical reaction, ozone is fast reacting to calcium
and magnesium in the cooling water.

Indirect reaction

   Ozone can react to some substances in the cooling water. For example, its can
react Bromine become to the form of active Bromide that be more effective biocide
than ozoned alone.

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